Artisan Bun Steak BurgerArtisan Bun Steak Burger


1 Cottage Lane Artisan Bun
150gm-180gm steak
1T balsamic vinegar
1 dessert spoon olive oil
1T sour cream
2t Horseradish sauce

Red onion, lettuce, gherkin, mushroom, cheese, olives, capsicum

Marinate the steak in balsamix vinegar and oil for up to 2 hours. Mix the horseradish sauce & sour cream together and season to taste. Grill the steak the way you like it. If using mushrooms, slice and grill with the steak. Toast the Cottage Lane artisan bun, spread the horseradish mix evenly across the bun and fill with the steak and your favourite choice of other filllings.

Serve as is or with salad and wedges.

Serves 1.

Big Brunch StackBig Brunch Stack


4x Cottage Lane Tortillas
16 Eggs
300g cooked sausage or kransky
250g bacon
100g mushrooms, cooked
250g cooked potato
1 tomato
100g grated cheese

Butter a "clip side" cake tin. Place a Cottage Lane tortilla in the base with edges cevely up the side, cut sausages into pieces and place inside. Crack in 6 eggs, break yoks, season and add another Cottage Lane Tortilla (gently flattening out). Slice potatoes and place on stack, crack in another 5 eggs, break yolks & season.

Add another Cottage Lane tortilla, the the bacon and crack in the remaining eggs, season and top with mushrooms and cover with the last Cottage Lane Tortilla. Trim off excess tortilla edge to fit tin.

Place sliced tomato on top, sprinkle with cheese and bake for 60-80 minutes until the egg is cooked. Test with the thin knife.

Leave for 10 minutes, remove from tin, cut into portions and serve. Great with hash browns and grilled tomatoes.

Serves 6-8.

Butter Chicken LasagneButter Chicken Lasagna


5 Cottage Lane Wraps
1kg minced chicken
1 finely diced onion
500g favourite butter chicken sauce
1T cornflour
150g grated cheese

Heat pan, add a little olive oil and cook onion until clear, add chicken and butter sauce, stir until it comes to boil, simmer for 5 minutes then thicken with cornflour mixed with a small amount of water.

Grease a 25cm x 25cm baking dish, place a Cottage Lane wrap on the base, then add 1/4 chicken mix and spread evenly. Continue this process until all ingredients are used up. Cover with a Cottage Lane wrap to finish, brush with milk and sprinkle cheese on top. Bake at 180ºC for 20 minutes or until golden brown.

Take out of oven, leave for 15 minutes before serving.

This can be made & frozen for later, easy to reheat in microwave.

Serves 6-10.

Seafood Chowder CobSeafood Chowder Cobb


1 Cottage Lane Cobb Loaf
2T Butter
2T Plain Flour
1/2 finely diced onion
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup water
80g smoked fish
80g shrimps
80g crab stick
80g mariated mussels
2T marinated mussel juice
lemon pepper

Cut top off a Cottage Lane cobb and cut out centre 1.5cm from edge keeping centre piece intact to cut into chunky slices.

Melt butter, add finely diced onion, cook until clear, add flour & cook for 1 minute. Slowly add milk & water stirring until cooked. Add mussel juice, season with cracked pepper & a small amount of lemon pepper and salt to taste. Add seafood & slowly bring to the boil.

Whilst soup is coming to bboil, put Cottage Lane cobb with lid on and the sliced pieces on a baking tray. Lightly spray with olive oil and sprinkle with rock salt, then bake at 180ºC for 6-8 minutes until toasted. Remove lid, turn over slices and lightly toast again until crisp. Place Cottage Lane cobb on serving dish, fill with chowder and place toasted slices alongside. Garnish with chopped parsley & serve with your favourite wine. Can also be filled with chilli mince as a variation.

Ciabatta RollsCiabatta Rolls

Ideas for open sandwiches:

Smoked salmon & cream cheese with lemon pepper mayonnaise

Pate & brie, fresh basil, cheese & sundried tomato

Rump steak marinated in soya sauce & ginger. Grilled, sliced and layered with sour cream, baby spinach & pickled ginger

Olive Grain Batard PlatterOlive & Grain Batard Platter

These breads are great for platters or pre dinner nibbles, BBQ etc.

Cut bread into 1.5cm slices. Toast or grill, place on platter with your favourite hummus, dips, pesto, chutney, salami, smoked salmon, dukkha, rock salt, olive oil, balsamic, vinegar or any other dipping foods you like.