Employee of the Month

January 2018

Kevin Turnbull


Cancer Society

KT joined the company after transferring from Wellington late in 2006 and is currently runs the pita shift as our leading hand, and overall he continues to improve.

Lately he has been working extremely hard with trials and is only aiming to produce the best quality product.

KT is always making sure his plant is ready for the next crew and maintaining a high standard of hygiene around the plant

He communicants to all his crew so that all are aware of what is going on around them when production starts.

All this effort of him and his crew as seen a big drop in waste over the pass and continues to this day.

KT will do his very best as a qualified baker.

December 2017

Jason Betteridge



Jason Betteridge is Employee of the month with 8 years’ service to the company.

During his tenure Jason has moved around from bread plant to Artisan plant where he was team leader, before returning back to his old stamping ground as dispatch person on the bread plant.  A big part of his role has been spent in dealing with local logistics and product quality,

Xmas time is one part of the year –were Jason’s level head and time management is key.

Most of the time he is last person to leave each night.

November 2017

Adele Spicer



It has been a busy few months for Adele in which she has excelled in trying circumstances. Taking over the Wellington region and establishing new relationships with customers, while in the local market, Pak n Save have gone through a major system change involving a lot of work, both from Adele and the wider team. This combined with the annual busy rush as stores take their Christmas orders and Adele having to help cover other staff at short notice while away

This award is certainly hard earned, well done!!

October 2017

Daniel Evans


Hospice Wairarapa

Daniel has just completed his level 4 plant baking Apprenticeship, (well done). During the past 3 years has an apprentice Daniel has spent time in all major areas of the bakery getting a better understanding how the company functions has a whole.

More recently he has Running the Artisan plant production line - starting early in the morning, stepping-in when short staffed and always quality focused.

September 2017

Robert Towgood


CCS Disability Action

 Robert has been with Breadcraft since April 2002 and has worked on a variety of shifts throughout these years.

Robert has progressed in all areas of the bakery, this month he has been training staff as well as keeping an eye on the plant, to ensure that we continue to produce a high quality product at the end of the days bake.

He has shown that with time he has acquired the knowledge to train staff and run the majority of production lines at Breadcraft.

Well done Robert, you are a big part of our team.

August 2017

Heremaiah Waaka


Wairarapa College

Heremaiah joined the company back in May this year after moving from Palmerston North.  Since joining the staff on the Artisan plant, Heremaiah has demonstrated he is a hardworking and enthusiastic young man ready for new challenges.  Heremaiah’s ability to learn things fast and think on his feet make him a great asset for the team.

July 2017

Deb Hall


Cancer Research Trust

Deb was employed at Breadcraft in October 2015 as our Health & Safety Officer and since November 2017 has also undertaken the Human Resources role. Deb has a real passion for her position and this shows with the energy, determination and hours she puts towards her role. She always ensures all areas of Health & Safety are performing well and has introduced systems which have helped Breadcraft to reduce LTI’s and Serious Harm injuries which has resulted in one LTI/Serious Harm injury in 18 months! She has restructured and organised training for all our Health & Safety committee, and also ensures  all other areas of Health & Safety training (i.e.Floor Warden training, First Aid training, and Fire Extinguisher training are continuously updated to ensure our Wardens are trained and ready to go in the event of an emergency. Thanks for all you efforts Deb, and thanks for helping us all keep safe!



June 2017

Rhys Semmens


Masterton Primary School

Rhys joined Breadcraft for a second time, in September 2012. Rhys is a qualified baker and currently leads a team of staff who work on the Pressed Tortilla or Cake Production shifts. 

Nothing is a problem for Rhys, he is always looking for extra work and to help others. He works hard training his team and will go the extra distance in making sure that the quality of the product is of a high standard.

In the time that Rhys has been at Breadcraft he has shown himself to be a great asset to both his team and the bakery, as a whole. This has been proven again and again with the consistent effort made by Rhys and the team. With the changing of hours to suit the need of production, Rhys leads by example.

May 2017

Jenny Aeto


Wairarapa Cancer Society


Jenny started with the Breadcraft team back in early 2015, over the past 2 ½ years Jenny has continually surprized us all with her passion to excel in everything she does. Jenny has a bubbly personality and always a smile on her face even when the pressure is on, with her can do attitude no job is to big.

Jenny is currently a key member of the artisan plant team, with a bright future a head

April 2017

Engineering Team


Riding for the Disabled

March was a very busy month for the Engineering department at Breadcraft. Not only did they have to keep the plants running with the continued increase in production but Mitch and Brian had to head off to Auckland for a week to prepare a new oven for shipping which left Don and Will on site to ensure the site continued to run without mechanical disruption.

They did very well preparing the area for the oven and once it arrived, moving it into the bakery went extremely well with no damage to man or machine. The final challenge was to  ensure everything was commissioned correctly and all the miscellaneous services were connected smartly completing a difficult job that was undertaken with very little time available.

All in all, a difficult month made to look easy by a team who planned well and executed the plan perfectly.

March 2017

Ron Mita


Wairarapa Cancer Society


Ron joined the company in March 2014

Nothing is a problem for Ron, he is always looking to improve further with ongoing cleaning of the bakery. Ron helps in all areas of the bakery from inside to out and at the highest standard.

 Ron also helps out when the Store man and Dispatch man are away on holiday. He takes part of that roll on while still doing his own job. He can spend hours here a day when required.

 Ron is a great asset to both his team and the bakery as a whole. This has being proved again and again by the consistency of his time and effort and you only have to look at the bakery.

 Well done Ron and keep up the good work


February 2017

Julian Johnston


Breast Cancer Foundation

Julian has been with Breadcraft (Wai) Ltd since February 2015 and has worked on a variety of shifts throughout his time here. He is now working full time on the Press Packing line and with the help of his team, ensures the highest quality of Press Tortilla is packed daily. Julian also assists in packing the bulk orders for our intercompany truck and relieving staff for holidays.

Nothing is a problem for Julian, he is always looking to improve further with ongoing training in different areas of the bakery.

He is a contentious worker, team player and is always willing to help anyone that requires assistance.

Julian is a great asset to both his team and the bakery as a whole.

Well done Julian and keep up the good work.

January 2017

Margaret-Anne Evans





Margaret-Anne joined the company in 2009 and is our Sales Representative for the Upper North Island.

Margaret-Anne has a great passion for her customers and the product she sells, and will always go the extra mile for her customers. She is a consistently high performer, and we have had great results from our recent product launches, particularly Cottage Lane bagels. 

Prior to Christmas, Margaret-Anne and her team of demonstrators travelled all over the North Island delivering Cockburn Christmas cakes to ensure the product got there on time.

Margaret-Anne you are a great asset to the team