Employee of the Month

March 2017

Ron Mita


Wairarapa Cancer Society

Ron joined the company in March 2014

Nothing is a problem for Ron, he is always looking to improve further with ongoing cleaning of the bakery. Ron helps in all areas of the bakery from inside to out and at the highest standard.

 Ron also helps out when the Store man and Dispatch man are away on holiday. He takes part of that roll on while still doing his own job. He can spend hours here a day when required.

 Ron is a great asset to both his team and the bakery as a whole. This has being proved again and again by the consistency of his time and effort and you only have to look at the bakery.

 Well done Ron and keep up the good work

February 2017

Julian Johnston


Breast Cancer Foundation

Julian has been with Breadcraft (Wai) Ltd since February 2015 and has worked on a variety of shifts throughout his time here. He is now working full time on the Press Packing line and with the help of his team, ensures the highest quality of Press Tortilla is packed daily. Julian also assists in packing the bulk orders for our intercompany truck and relieving staff for holidays.

Nothing is a problem for Julian, he is always looking to improve further with ongoing training in different areas of the bakery.

He is a contentious worker, team player and is always willing to help anyone that requires assistance.

Julian is a great asset to both his team and the bakery as a whole.

Well done Julian and keep up the good work.

January 2017

Margaret-Anne Evans



Margaret-Anne joined the company in 2009 and is our Sales Representative for the Upper North Island.

Margaret-Anne has a great passion for her customers and the product she sells, and will always go the extra mile for her customers. She is a consistently high performer, and we have had great results from our recent product launches, particularly Cottage Lane bagels. 

Prior to Christmas, Margaret-Anne and her team of demonstrators travelled all over the North Island delivering Cockburn Christmas cakes to ensure the product got there on time.

Margaret-Anne you are a great asset to the team

December 2016

Rodney Flood



Rodney joined the company in 2010 on the Riga shift where he was heavily involved with the manufacture of a lot of new products, forming the benchmark of the quality product produced today.

Rodney is mainly working on the press plant packaging area, however he helps in all areas of the bakery.

Rodney has had to help out in the cleaning to cover for an ill team member and has stepped up to maintain the hygiene requirements needed while the team member recovers.

Rodney understands the bakery role and will help or take on any task we put in front of him.

Rodney has thrived on these challenges and has proven himself to be a very valuable member of the Breadcraft Team.

Well done Rodney keep it up.

November 2016

Johnylene Bustamante


Wairarapa Cancer Society

Johnylene has been with us since December 2013, and became a permanent employee of Breadcraft in July 2016.

Johnylene is a very helpful employee, she is always offering help to those in need, and is always looking to learn new skills. She consistently puts in 100% effort with no complaints. Johnylene has recently taken up the role of supervisor of the Flatbread packing crew and has undertaken the task exceptionally well.

Thanks for all your efforts Johnylene and keep up the great work!

October 2016

Kaylah Marino


Masterton Primary School

Kaylah joined the Breadcraft team back in February 2014 has a causal worker, working 4 hours a day.  She is now a team leader overseeing a small team of production staff.

Since joining the company Kaylah is making a most of life and has completed a certificate in  business management and is currently doing a computer course.

She has also completed her certificate for H&S representative training stage 1.

Congratulations Kaylah this is the second time this year you have been our Employee of the Month!

September 2016

Margaret Brooks


Pink Ribbon Foundation

Margaret is part of our super front office team and has been working long hours this month covering for other team members and ensuring everything gets done, even getting called in on her rostered day off to process the payroll.

Marg has worked these additional hours without complaint and kept the office ticking along, supporting many aspects of many roles.

Thanks Margaret, the Breadcraft team appreciates all your efforts.



August 2016

Nathaniel Clement-McEwen


Lifeflight Trust

He started with the company in January 2016 as full time coming from a recruitment agency for 6 months

He is a happy, hardworking, methodical, reliable man. Has stepped up and become a vital member of his shift in the short time. Nathaniel has learnt the Riga / Rheon, mixer, press mixer, and Bagels mixer all to a high standard. Error rate is extremely low when learning these machines

Nathaniel brings a positive enthusiasm and humor to the team environment.

Nathaniel is a great asset to both his team and the bakery as a whole. This has being proved again and again by the consistency of his time and effort.

Congratulations well deserved Nathaniel

July 2016

Tanya Purcell


Pink Ribbon Foundation


Tanya is our office “Jack of all Trades”.  She is happy to take on any task given to her and complete it with a smile.

Over the last couple of months, Tanya’s focus has been the integration of our IT systems, and to date she has made significant progress.  With the help and assistance of both Plant Managers, we have developed the system to the stage where we are able to use the ‘live’ system for production planning, and have eliminated much of the double handling we had to do in the past.

With Tanya’s understanding of both the IT system and our production processes, we will be able to continue to streamline our operation.  We are looking forward to further improvements – thanks Tanya!

June 2016

Kaylah Marino


Masterton Primary School

Kaylah is the Team Leader of the Sliced Sourdough Bread Production Team.

Over the past eight weeks, due to increased demand and production, the Sliced Sourdough team has increased substantially. Kaylah’s role as leader is demanding, from dealing with staff training to being the QA person. She takes her role very seriously and has built a good team behind her.

In addition, Kaylah is one of the Health & Safety Representatives for Breadcraft, and has just completed her Stage 1 H&S Rep. training.

May 2016

Kelly O'Donnell




Kelly joined Breadcraft in March in a temporary administation role helping in the office, accounts and quality assurance, in order to enable Tanya to set up our Global Bake production and costing system.

She has fitted in well with her refreshing smile and positive attitude and has got stuck into her role with little instruction or help.

Kelly comes from a demand and supply contracting background but has moved down from “the big smoke” to enjoy rural life for a short time. As well as doing her administrative duties she has also helped us out with tidying up some of our production reporting, scheduling systems and spreadsheets


April 2016

Julian Johnston


Breast Cancer Foundation

Julian joined the company in February 2015 and has worked on several different shifts throughout this time.  Nothing is a problem for Julian, he is always looking to improve further with on-going training in different areas of the bakery.

He works well on the Press plant and is now processing orders in dispatch to ensure the trucks are on time and the orders are accurate with no shortages.  Julian is a team player, and is willing to help anyone.

Julian is a great asset to both his team and the bakery as a whole.

Well done Julian and keep up the good work.

March 2016

Daniel Evans


Lifeflight Trust



Our number one staff member of the month, Daniel has worked at Breadcraft for over 5 years.

Currently completing a level 4 plant bakery apprenticeship, Daniel brings a huge amount of knowledge to the team has as a qualified cake/craft baker. Daniel has spent most of his time at Breadcraft up- skilling his knowledge on Artisan products.  Daniel currently looks after production and covers the plant supervisor when his away.

We would like to wish Daniel all the best on his Apprenticeship.